Damn... bad news...
posted by PumaY2K (27-09-2000, 17:44)

Dammit... maybe I wont be able to update this site in the next days because I failed 3 subjects in school and my parents might kill me but Ill try to upload the Vision SLR (now finished) and Ill also try to make the Carmageddon 2 cars section to work...

Preety Nifty(®Errol)...
posted by PumaY2K (24-09-2000, 16:17)

Finally! PumaY2K Danger Zone (firstly known as Puma Racing Things) has got 10000 visitors!!! That is something that I appreciate hell loads so... Thanx visitors ... Also wanted to tell ya that all my cars are now on this new server, and ill hurry up to put the Carmageddon 2 cars pages... heavy work... lets start...

Achtung!... Attention!... Atención!
posted by PumaY2K (20-09-2000, 18:56)

Hehehe.... well... I just wanted to preview the Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR Im working on... here... enjoy em and gimme some feedback

1 Section more... and 21 to go... sounds bad
posted by PumaY2K (18-09-2000, 18:07)

Well, one of the sections is done... its not very important tho but you can take a look at it... its the "Fonts" section. Anyway, I cant start with the Carmageddon 2 cars coz XOOM (my old site was hosted there) is not working... again... gee... XOOM is not working every week... anyway, ill do the Archive section -the biggest of the site- not in important stuff, but it has loadsa text... Ill start now...

posted by PumaY2K (15-09-2000, 20:37)

My telephone line is back! im happy!! so now I can get back to work, downloaded all the images of the cars and Im sorry but ill have to delete some cars that are not very good... something like Crashocalypse, they just keep the best cars on the net and their cars too, well, Ill have to do that too coz I had go 60 cars, and many of em were preety bad or just "not good", Ill mention 1 car that I remember that i will delete of here: its the '62 MG MK2. by SoulSourfer... sorry man... just make a bbox, smashable wins and textures and itll be here again k? Anyway Ill have to keep my shitty first cars... they will be on a section named "The Dark era of Puma"... that was suggested by Secret Chimp. Also I wanted to tell ya that this 2 days without Internet made me almost finish my Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR... it just needs a lil fixing of the hood, a simple model and a menu image...

The 2nd time youll hear this...
posted by PumaY2K (15-09-2000, 15:34)

Hehe... well... maybe youll hate me but today is the anniversary of the Independence of México! Anyway, you wont read this until my telephone line gets fixed up... anyway, I can modify my files hehe. But I cant upload files so Itll take longer for me to get back online every file, but ill do it...

Time to Reopen
posted by PumaY2K (12-09-2000, 20:24)
Ok, PumaY2K
Danger Zone is now open. But... just the contact link works... oh also the guestbook links tho... anyway, all the information that Puma Racing Things (R.I.P.) had, ITS LOST.... nah... just kidding, its gonna be posted all around this month and Im sorry for the inconvenience, but also weve got someone new in our staff that you may think its dead by now... but nope... He isnt, and he is the ILG K@vera! its gonna be really cool, but by now you wont be able to download cars, skins, tracks or whatever because of this, anyway Im gonna hurry up in the Carmageddon 2 section coz its the main stuff of this site. Well... gotta go... oh and pleez dont pay attention to the other two posts... they were tests... But, finally I must say... THANX BTW! cya now.

More Testing
posted by PumaY2K (12-09-2000, 19:33)

Ok... this is the second test... just wanted to check my lil happy, angry, an other cool faces. Here we go: Happy face. Super happy face. (Youll see this one a lot) The Angry face. The cool face. The winking face. Also wanted to check if
this lil text works.

posted by PumaY2K (12-09-2000, 18:02)

Well, I just wanted to check this out, and if youre reading this... dunno why... id like to say THANX A LOT to Render, Hes our host and he made this design, but now im gonna test a lil more and lets see if this post works 8D.

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