There goes another month...
posted by PumaY2K (31-10-2000, 18:49)

This post is just to say "thanx" to all that 1765 peeps that visited us in October, also, I wanted to tell ya that my '74 Puma Sekton for Carmageddon 2 is now at 69%... I am so lazy so Ill put a pic of it here tomorrow (maybe) heh...

Mike... Macias!
posted by PumaY2K (26-10-2000, 18:42)

Ok... weve got a new affiliate... its not related with Carmageddon or any other racing game... its just a friends home page and hes been asking and asking and asking again, so I got fed up and here it is... you could say: "Why?" and Ill answer then... "because Im a good guy"... anyway check it out... its down there after DTD... I also had to make a lil button tho... Oh... also my '74 Puma Sekton is now 23% done.

Eagle 1... my favorite color is red...
posted by PumaY2K (22-10-2000, 21:14)

No... wait... my favorite color is black... then its red... and then... all others . Anyway, I decided to make a new carskin for Ratty's Eagle 1 for TDR2000... it just changes the red color to a nifty looking yellow one with new damage textures and stuff... its just a preview but itll become available to download in the next update... also if you wanna download the Eagle 1, go to Drive To Survive ( and get it there.

Nifty Preview
posted by PumaY2K (13-10-2000, 16:27)

Ok... As you may know, Ive been working in a fantasy 70's car (and if you didnt know, now you know ). So here's a lil preview. The car is 15% done so expect a far away release Here's the pic... watch it and then send me some feedback...

Driven to what?
posted by PumaY2K (12-10-2000, 14:26)

Yep... we've got a new affiliate: Driven To Destruction. One of the first Carma sites (if not the first ). And Beast had made a great job there... so check it out... click there... under affiliates... The lil DTD animation.

Forgive meeee!!!
posted by PumaY2K (11-10-2000, 18:44)

Sorry!!! Im sorry!! I havent posted nothing in a while because im punished but oh well... ok, this post is to inform you about a new Carma site. Its a Top List, So... check it out and put me a high grade (vote at the bottom of my page). Check the site here:Carmageddon Top List.

Start your engines!!!
posted by PumaY2K (01-10-2000, 14:59)

October.... new month... cool! Ok, Id like to thank all that 1732 guys that visited us in September. Ok, lets go to carma stuff! Well, my Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR is now finished and you can grab it at the Carmageddon 2 cars page (now working ) or just by clicking in the image down here... after you download it and test it, it'll be nice to recieve some feedback tho... my Viper GTS was updated too...

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