It's been a long time!!
posted by PumaY2K (03-03-2003, 00:04)

Since a midnight post last happened... and guess what... it even comes with a new download! WOW!! It's been really long time since last time something similar happened... anyway, it's a new skin by Apex, which I uploaded quickly because of 3 main reasons, 1. My desktop looked awful with all those files I needed to upload (I put things I have to do in my desktop, ok?), 2. This place looked desolated with those sporadic news and 3. It's a skin for the Sektoneer! ... Just kidding... anyway, here it is... go to the carskins page 2 or click on the pic... or click on the menu on the right... it's your decision... later people.

Erm... 44 months online!!
posted by PumaY2K (01-03-2003, 17:54)

Ok... I don't have any kind of creativity left so don't blame me about the topic, ok? Erm... it's just to point out the monthly count, which was of 10716 visitors, ranking 3rd out of 44 months!... thanx a lot people! So that's it, Im leaving now... later.

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