New Design!!
posted by PumaY2K (31-05-2003, 01:08)

Alright... it's not finished yet but still... as you might already noticed, no more PumaY2K Danger Zone, the new name is 'The Evil Realm', right now only the Carmageddon 2 section works, I'll deal with all the other sections tomorrow... meanwhile... enjoy the new cool looking design!
posted by PumaY2K (30-05-2003, 21:58)

Well... you might get a bit of 'huhiness'... hmm... as in saying 'huh?' a lot of times, or maybe you'll get a bit of 'wtfiness' as in saying 'wtf????' a lot of times... why, you ask?... well, it's easy, I've been working on a new design for the site for some time now, a bit more than a month, and I'm finishing right now... so let's see... this new design is helluva better, it makes those 800x600 viewers actually watch the site normally... I know this one fucks up on those resoultions... so that is gonna be fixed with this new design, it's also clearer and it has smaller images... they were too big... so maybe you'll find a page that is under construcion or some shit like that... but please be patient and I think I'll be done in a few hours... later people!

posted by PumaY2K (23-05-2003, 21:46)

heh... that was suggested by Aaron, hence to the Eraser Mk.2... so I guess you know what's coming... a new preview obviously! so here it is, check it out closely and then post your feedback at the CWA Board or simply mail me... either way, just check out the pics... oh... and check it out, two posts in one day!! now that's something that doesn't happen commonly anymore... heh...

posted by PumaY2K (23-05-2003, 21:08)

Yep, Metallica on May, so it's Maytallica... erm... whatever, one clip from 'St. Anger' added to the MP3 Section, the clip is from the title track, 'St. Anger', and it's really cool... get it now!, also I updated the 'Frantic' mp3, now it has a lot better quality, so download 'em both!!

/me smashes his head against the keyboard
posted by PumaY2K (16-05-2003, 00:44)

You may ask why, right?... well, there are no reasons, actually... my topic-creating imagination is gone, and I can't really be bothered, anyway, here's another pic of the upcoming Eraser Mk.2, now in it's original black color (although as Carmageddon 2 dislikes black, and giving detail to a black skin is awfully difficult, it ended up bening dark grey, but it looks good nevertheless), and with new rims, these were made by Beroc, though I decided to re-skin them and make them look black, I think they look very cool :)... so here, enjoy and hop to the CWA Board to post your feedback... later people.

posted by PumaY2K (06-05-2003, 23:52)

They rule so much, and today I got to hear a new Metallica song, Frantic, from the album St. Anger, due to release in June... but anyway, why am I writing this? well, I want to share it with you people!, go to the brand new MP3 Section, to download it... It's a live version from todays MTVIcon 2003, and although it's shortened to only 1:53, it's very good... check it out!! oh... and I'll go back to work on the Eraser... later

My 'puter lives!!! yay yay yay!!!
posted by PumaY2K (02-05-2003, 23:14)

Phew... now that was a bit scary... my puter got infected by a virus and I suffered big time... no sound, no directx and no mouse, and no video before I fixed that one... well, today I finally found and solved the issue... McAfee's VirusScan 7 deleted the virus, and I found out that the system.ini file was completely corrupted... had to redo it completely but now my puter works, so yay yay yay , anyway, the monthly count... hm... it's 9698, not bad, huh? thanx people... and later this week I'll give you more information on that Eraser Mk.2... so later...

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