ICQ hates me!!!
posted by PumaY2K (29-06-2003, 23:11)

Well, my old mail got banned... so my 50866008 number doesn't work anymore, as well as maybe 12 other accounts I tried to create... but well, looks like this one works, hopefully it will last a bit, it's 326243966 for those interested...

Shoot me again, I ain't dead yet!
posted by PumaY2K (04-06-2003, 21:22)

Yup, taken from Metallica's 'Shoot Me Again', from the new album, 'St. Anger'... anyway, that's not important, right? you are here because of one very simple reason... Erase some people!... heh... so how about clicking on that little picture under this bit of text... it kinda leads you to something you've been waiting for... for about a year, damn it... what is it? well, the long fucking awaited Eraser Mk.2!!!... so... um... to get it... it's a bit tricky, you can click on the little picture I already mentioned, or on the even smaller picture in the menu on the right, the choice is yours!

I can't deal with everything!!
posted by PumaY2K (03-06-2003, 00:58)

That's why I haven't finished with the new design... sorry about that... but I guess I'll have it done by the end week... why I've taken so much on finishing it? well, the Eraser Mk.2 has a bit of fault... been working hardly on it... It's actually ready to release, I'm now only asking at the CWA Board if I should add a driver or not... so when I see what people wants, I'll release it... hopefully it will be tomorrow... so hang on!! here's the latest pic of it, enjoy!

Jourdain's first win!!
posted by PumaY2K (01-06-2003, 03:02)

The Milwaukee Mile goes for Michel Jourdain, Jr. his first career win ever... congrats for him!! now... new addition I forgot to mention on the last post... the newest addition is named 'ReLoad', and it's a monster truck, but not for carma, nor nfs... it's for good old Monster Truck Madness 2! yay yay yay! heh... if you still have that brand new game... lol... later

Now I'm tired
posted by PumaY2K (01-06-2003, 02:55)

Shit... this new design is taking a lot of time to finish... let's see... I'll list ya the working sections: Carmageddon 2, Carmageddon TDR, mp3, NFS4, MTM2, RA2 and... that's it... I'll finish it tomorrow I guess heh... anyway... monthly count: 11105... dunno the rank for this one as it's not working... heh... I'll tell ya later.

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