The Burden Lies Upon Us
posted by PumaY2K (03-03-2004, 21:07)

"...Surrender is not an option, we are the flank and if we break, the Union crumbles we could lose the war", bits taken from Iced Earth's "Gettysburg 1863", a song that appears in it's newest album, "The Glorious Burden", and that's where TER comes in, on the latest addition you can find a program I made which shows you the lyrics of all the songs in this album (It's nothing special, actually, but it's coolness, anyway)... So, download if you want, and have a read to those great lyrics by Jon Schaffer, in this history lesson by Iced Earth!

Taking Off Again...
posted by PumaY2K (03-03-2004, 20:02)

So, a month is through (well, actually about two weeks, but anyway) in this comeback of The Evil Realm, I hope you people have liked these few new releases, and expect more shortly, you'll have some pretty cool stuff to play with, so stay tuned... also thanks to those 3107 visitors we had this half February, I hope you keep on visiting soonish!... that's about it, I'm off!

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