Mozilla Support
posted by PumaY2K (23-04-2005, 23:29)

Ok, Mozilla support is up so now you can visit The Evil Realm in both Internet Explorer or Mozilla standards, who cares!? just enjoy. As a sidenote, K@vera sent me two skins which I'll post soon, they are named Eraser One and Shark Two, you get an idea of what that means, right?

posted by PumaY2K (17-04-2005, 03:12)

After almost a year with no posts, I'm here trying to get this thing to make a rebirth. Kind of like a phoenix, heh... ok, not really. I've had to deal with lots of issues and stuff. Work and college take most of my spare time to model cars. And my Corvette C6 got lost on the last format I did, as well as every other mid done project, such as a Mercury Ghia and a Vauxhall VX220, those are dead and I'm not even planning on remaking them, I just don't care, fuck 'em, anyway, the Corvette C6 is again under process, I just started tonigh... I installed CarEd 1.13 and the old times crossed my mind. Anyway, I checked this place, and first than anything, it can't be viewed on Mozilla browsers. That's utter crap!!, so I'm under process of making it visible under both IE and Mozilla. More things, I'll update this more often (I hope), I'll be finding time on the week to work on the C6 and I'll keep you people informed, I'll also make you know when does The Evil Realm comes back in full greatness (if it ever had a greatness...). I know this is a long shit ass post, but I hope you understand why I've been away from the community. Needless to say, I welcome you and me back.

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