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Hits since 15-07-99

Sekton Z-Section
by DeviantMan (Rating: 9.6)
Really nice skin that turns my '74 Sekton into a totally different car! Its a recommended download...

by K@vera (Rating: 9.8)
Really great work of K@vera, this makes the Puma R/T look... more dangerous :)

SWAT Truck
by K@vera (Rating: 9.3)
Another great work by K@vera! it enlarges the life of a bad model!.

Corporal Jigsaw Quandray
by -==:[Th=Wh!H]:==- (Rating: 9.4)
A nice alternative of the Puma R/T skin made my my good pal -==:[Th=Wh!H]:==-... nice blood on the fenders tho.

'74 Sekton Xtreem
by DeviantMan (Rating: 9.8)
A Great skin that turns my '74 Sekton GT into a totally different car! Its a highly recommended download...

by PumaY2K (Rating: 9.9)
Heh... just a black skin for my 2001 Viper GTS-R Concept... but it looks hella good!

Bad Seed
by PumaY2K (Rating: 9.8)
doh... just the above skin but with cyan coloured strips instead of white

Blue Skin
by Vlakey Moog (Rating: 9.8)
Great alternative skin for the Viper... blue with gray strips... includes new rims... and neat cameras :)

Lime Green
by Vlakey Moog (Rating: 9.7)
Another great skin by Vlakey!... although I dont like a completely lime green painted car, this skin worths the download

Dark Serpent
by Vlakey Moog (Rating: 9.9)
The Lime Green/Black combination always turns out great... so what are ya waiting for?... get it now!!
Eraser Two
Game: Carmageddon 2
What: Car Skin
Author: K@vera
Added: 25-04-2005

'Shoot me again,
I ain't dead yet'
// James Hetfield

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