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Hits since 15-07-99

School Bus
by PumaY2K (Rating: 6.9)
My first car... preety bad and it was Errol's bus but skinned different.

Puma GTS
by PumaY2K (Rating: 7.1)
My second car... somehow bad, but the somt of the best of the 'Dark Era'

Puma Renegade Van
by PumaY2K (Rating: 6.2)
The worst car of the 'Dark Era'... this is something that shouldnt have been released but if you like it... click on the link.

'99 Plymouth Prowler
by PumaY2K (Rating: 7.1)
When this was released... I thought that it was an excellent car... but its just crap

Puma Prototype X
by PumaY2K (Rating: 7.2)
Well... I must say that this one wasnt so bad, but it hasnt got a bbox as well as all Dark Era cars.

by PumaY2K (Rating: 7.4)
Bad truck... loadsa detachables, but it looks okay tho.

Puma Stigma LS
by PumaY2K (Rating: 7.2)
This one got a lot of detachable parts, but no smashable windows... so you finished with a moving window.

Puma Xcess SE
by PumaY2K (Rating: 7.5)
The other good 'Dark Era' car... it featured for first time the working tallights.

Puma Federation GT
by PumaY2K (Rating: 7.3)
Good flare effects on the taillights but thats all... the car itself was shit.

Puma X-44 Racing Type Z
by PumaY2K (Rating: 7.0)
The first car that featured the tiff files to make carskins, but still no more improvements.
Eraser Two
Game: Carmageddon 2
What: Car Skin
Author: K@vera
Added: 25-04-2005

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