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Hits since 15-07-99

'68 VW Beetle
by Econobrick (Rating: 10.0)
Yet another VW for NFS... I got 7th against Corvettes and Porsches... beat me! I dare you!

Volkswagen Type 181
by Econobrick (Rating: 9.8)
Can you imagine a really slow car in NFS4?... well, now its possible thanks to Econobrick's awesome VW Type 181... it is really fun to challenge a BMW Z3 with this.. try it out!!

Volkswagen Microbus
by Econobrick (Rating: 9.9)
Econo's awesome VW Microbus is now ready to use in NFS4 against the fastest cars on earth... what is the VW Microbus doing here?... well... it is really fun... find it out by yourself!

Dodge Viper GTS Coupé
by PumaY2K (Rating: 8.4)
This is an old car I did quite a long time ago which I found on my hard drive... so I decided to upload it!, have fun!
Eraser Two
Game: Carmageddon 2
What: Car Skin
Author: K@vera
Added: 25-04-2005

'Shoot me again,
I ain't dead yet'
// James Hetfield

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